Jon White               Mark Sullivan            Darren Gray         

  Vocals, Guitar           Vocals, Guitar                   Bass                       


       Sons of Strangers is an Americana/Rock band formed in Ardmore, OK and Austin, TX in 2012. In a music scene overflowing with materialism, SoS is a labor of love created by two long time musicians and friends. Founders Jon White and Mark Sullivan have been playing music, both together and separately, for over a decade. The two met in 2007 at Mark's small recording studio in Ardmore and began playing together shortly thereafter. In 2009 Mark closed down his studio and moved to Austin, TX, but the two stayed in contact and never stopped exercising their passion for music. The next three years threw a lot of changes at the pair, forcing them to adapt to increasingly erratic schedules and long distances.

       The guys reunited in early 2012 and their efforts eventually turned into an EP titled Only Thieves. By September the two were playing shows as often as time allowed. As they continued to write, the album Bringing the Sun Up/Taking the Sun Down began to take shape. As if on cue, Jon met long time influence and inspiration Mike Herrera of MxPx and Tumbledown. After sharing a few drinks, a date was set for SoS to record at Monkey Trench Studio in Bremerton, WA. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and the support of friends and family, Bringing the Sun Up/Taking the Sun Down was recorded in July of 2013 and released October 31st of the same year, with Producer Mike Herrera playing bass on the album.

       With the addition of Darren Gray on bass in late 2013 the band has been able to actualize their ideas in the full band form, and with a new influence.  They are gearing up to record a new E.P. in late summer 2014.  


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Here's a few songs from our new album, Bringing the Sun Up / Taking the Sun Down.

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